We develop partnerships with several organizations across the globe to expand the awesome results we’re getting in Portugal and Spain. Usually our partners are students organizations and universities.

Why organize a Pitch Bootcamp?

Our mission is to build the world’s most advanced careers accelerator. Whether you want to tackle youth unemployment, play a bigger role at your university or connect with companies, organizing is a great way to make a difference in the lives of students and grads.

Some of the reasons why our organizers decide to get involved

Play a vital role in their universities.

Develop their network and relations with companies.

Meet unbelievable people.

The framework is massively tested and delivers great results.

What organizers say about Pitch Bootcamp

Joana Coelho

Communication’s Director
AIESEC in Nova

“Two days of super-hard-work, but they definitely paid off. You have the feeling you’re contributing to something bigger than yourself.”

Iúri Figueiredo

Member of Students Support Group

“I was an organizer almost a year ago, but to this day I still receive some e-mails from Bootcampers who were touched by the experience.”

Sofia Rodrigues

President of Students Association

“I learned more about event logistics and organization in two days than in the rest of my life. What a boosting experience!”

Organizers Toolkit

We’ll teach you everything you need to know and give the do’s & don’ts to setting up a Pitch Bootcamp.
You will have communication templates, checklists, resources, documents and all you could ever need to create an outstanding experience.

We’ll be there all the way to walk you through.

What does it take?


Guarantee at least 100 students or recent-grads from any field of study.


Choose a suitable venue and date to host the event, ensuring all the necessary conditions.



Tell everybody about it (Facebook, Linkedin, Snapchat, Instagram, email, posters and flyers on campus, etc…).


You should have, at least, 5 highly trusted colleagues to help you set up the programme.


Guarantee at least 40 experienced professionals from companies.


Although the fee candidates pay is enough to cover all expenses, you can reach sponsors willing to promote their employer brand among students.

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Do you have any questions? Check out some FAQs!

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Pitch Bootcamp International Manager


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