What is Pitch Bootcamp?
Pitch Bootcamp is a two-day career accelerator designed to help you understand your professional options and meet great companies.
If you’re still studying or recently finished your degree, we know you probably have loads of questions about your future and what path to follow. Here you have the opportunity to think about the value of your skills and share it with professionals from many fields of expertise.
This is a fully hands-on experience: on the first day you train and think about yourself and on the second day you pitch and meet companies.
Is this event for me?
If you’re a student or recent grad willing to:
Understand the job market;
Develop your skills;
Meet and start a relation with awesome companies;
Find a company to do an internship with;
Or get hired,
Yes, it is for you!
I didn’t study Business or Engineering, can I register?
Yes. Pitch Bootcamp’s framework allows you to create a career map, no matter what you’ve studied. Participants come from all fields of expertise and academic backgrounds.
Do I have to attend the two-day program?
Yes, you have! Our experience with +8000 youngsters show us that participants reach higher results and impact if they truly immerse on the experience.
Do I need to bring something?
You have to bring your CV and some other documents but your organizer will tell you all about it during the online registration and attendance confirmation period.
The companies attending are recruiting grads?
What previous editions with +750 companies have shown us is that, usually, companies hire great talent even if they weren’t specific planning on it. Above all you have to understand Pitch Bootcamp as an opportunity to start a relation with companies – many things can happen after you meet them.
Do I need to pay for admission?
Bootcampers pay 30€ for their participation. It includes all materials and everything necessary to change your life.
How do I register?
Here you can check all the upcoming programmes. Choose a venue and fill in the information. After it you’ll receive an email with the next steps.
Can I pay at the door?
No. Payments have to be done in order to confirm your registration. If you register but don’t conclude your registration by paying the registration fee, your application will not be considered. If by some means it is not at all possible for you to pay beforehand you should contact your local organizer in order to find out how to complete your application.
Who can organize a Pitch Bootcamp?
Usually organizers tend to be University Career offices, groups of students, students associations, students councils and established international students organizations.
Is my organization suitable to become an organizer?
If your organization is:
• Willing to engage with their associates or alumni;
• Focused on developing soft skills and market knowledge in students or recent-grads;
• Interested in tightening relations with companies.
Then yes, you’re on!
Why organizing Pitch Bootcamp?
• Empower 100 aspiring students and graduates by teaching them how to reflect on their careers and introduce them to great companies;
• Improve your local ecosystem by connecting students, companies and creating jobs and internships;
• By organizing a Pitch Bootcamp you’re empowering students and grads but you’re also empowering yourself and your colleagues;
• Join a soon-to-be worldwide community of like-minded people that want to build great careers;
• Expand your professional and personal network;
• Get huge recognition and gratitude from both students and companies – it’s gonna feel like you’re changing education and the way young people and companies get together;
What kind of support will we get?
• Permanent support from our support team;
• Learning tools and training during the event;
• Pitch Bootcamp branding (Logo, design templates, etc.);
• Know-how – private wiki with all the information and documents about how to organize the program;
• A Pitch Bootcamp mentor that will conduct the framework in your program;
Will we have a toolkit or welcome pack?
Yes, we will provide all materials and templates for communication and follow up.
• Booklet with all training content;
• Application form for bootcampers;
• Execution checklists;
• Roadmap;
• Applications management back-end tool for bootcampers and companies;
• Communication materials.
What does it take?
Firstly, it takes effort and hard work. But changing something always does. Your main responsibilities will be assuring 100 participants, 50 companies, coordinating the event’s logistics and assuring everything as at the right place at the right time.
As an Organizer, you are responsible for all aspects of putting together an insanely great event, including:
• Invitation of contestants and companies;
• Finding a venue and taking care of the logistics involved;
• Promoting the program among potential participants.
Do we need to charge for admission?
Experience has shown us that participation fees significantly decrease the cancellation and drop-out rate. We propose that the participation fee is set at 30€ per participant, but you can manage it and have discounts for members, for example. The important is to keep in mind that this money should be used to cover the expenses of the event, such as prints and materials.
How can I ensure the quality of the participants?
Young people who are interested in attending a Pitch Bootcamp are naturally concerned with their future and these are the participants with characteristics we are looking for.
Our experience has shown that this is something you don’t need to be concerned about, but in any case, the registration form will help you to understand the profile of attendees.
How chooses the companies that participate?
The great success that we have been getting in Portugal and Spain comes from the quality of the companies’ that attend the event. We would like to keep this standard and we rely on your decision-making power to make this event a success. Nevertheless, most of the companies that attend in these countries are multinationals that you can also invite at your venue.
What's the role of the judge?
• Contribute with knowledge, experience and instinct in the feedback given to the participants;
• Provide a pedagogic attitude to make the participation in the Pitch Bootcamp a learning and positive experience;
• Make incisive and constructive critiques, points out strengths and weaknesses;
• Contribute with improvement suggestions and ideas;
• Whenever necessary, exchange contacts and tips considered relevant;
• Hire grads and develop internship opportunities with students.
Is this event suitable for my company?
If your company is:
• Looking to meet amazing students and grads;
• Willing to develop your Employer Brand;
• Find out what youngsters value in companies.
Then yes, this event is for you!
Why should I be present in Pitch Bootcamp?
At Pitch Bootcamp you will find the highest quantity of talent per square meter ever. There you will meet amazing youngsters that in a few years’ time will be the face of great companies. Furthermore, our experience show us that Pitch Bootcamp presents itself as a singular opportunity to meet fellow colleagues from other companies enhancing considerably the opportunities for new deals and businesses.
Who should represent my company at the event?
The purpose of attending Pitch Bootcamp can be of various kinds. It can go through providing mentorship, recruiting new talent or even just about sharing your life experience as a valued proven professional. This means that more than a job title, your company should be represented by someone who is of great value inside your corporation and that can provide great feedback to our youngsters looking for an opportunity. Furthermore, you can choose to have more than one person representing your company at the event. There are two panels of judges (morning and afternoon) so you can choose to be present in both.
Does my company have to pay to attend?
No. The role of a company is to make sure they have exceptional professionals representing itself during the event, providing insightful feedback on the youngster’s careers. Pitch Bootcamp’s goal is first and foremost to empower young talent by shortening the gap between them and great companies.
I want to attend. What do I need to do?
If your company wants to be present you must get in contact with the organization in order to show your interest in being there. After this, the organization will take care of passing on to you all the information you need to attend the event.
Do I have to attend the 2 days?
No. On the first day Bootcampers will dive into post-its and immerse into personal value discovery and learning how to communicate with companies. On the second day they will get the chance to meet you. So, as a judge, you will only need to be present on one of the panels of day 2. Either the morning or the afternoon one.
When attending the event, what should I carry with me?
As a judge, all you need to take with you is a big smile and a lot of joy to share with the brilliant youngsters you will meet. During the first day the Bootcampers will immerse in intensive training about their value and skills and will be told that on the next day they will get the chance to talk to amazing professionals from incredible companies. So all you need to assure is that you match their expectations and give them valuable insights on how to boost their careers.

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